Vladimir Osipovich Likhtenstadt (1882-1919) revolutionary and translator

10 1919) was a Russian revolutionary (SR-Maximalist, Menshevik, then member of the Russian Communist Party), translator.

During the trial he refused to defend himself and was sentenced by military court to death by hanging. He was pardoned and his death penalty was replaced by life imprisonment. During 11 years he was imprisoned in Shlisselburg fortress, from where he was released during the February Revolution of 1917.

classic (Le Paradis Artificies, 1908), the first Russian translations of Otto Weininger’s Sex and Character (1908-1909) and Max Stirner’s The Ego and Its One (1906 and 1910).

(published posthumously). This collection included both translations from Goethe and accompanying essays by W. Lichtenstadt himself on ‘Goethe and the Philosophy of Nature’.